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CFS117 points of difference

The CFS117S is a high volume scale inhibitor cartridge manufactured by 3M/Cuno for use with combi ovens, coffee & Ice machines and other food service applications. The graded density pre-filter and high absorption media allow for a high volume performance in commercial environments (approx 10,000 litres).

The CFS117O  is also made by Cuno/3m and whilst it offers the same features in terms of sediment, chemical and scale reduction, it only filters about half the volume compared with the above CFS117S. This would be a suitable and more cost effective option in low volume commercial applications - e.g. a coffee machine using 5 kilos of coffee a week OR a low use dishwasher.  Either that, or it simply requires more frequent changing.

The CFS117S-R offers sediment and chemical reduction and also includes softening resin which operates better to soften water above 120 ppm Total Hardness. The CFS117S & CFS1170 use a food grade scale inhibitor that works better in Total Hardness conditions of under 120 PPM. The CFS117S-R only offers up to around 2500 litres filtered water based on a moderate to soft water. For other water softening or treatment options call us on 1300 742 249.

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