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FPEXT Fisher & Paykel Fridge Filter

What is the benefit of having a water filter in my fridge?

The Fisher & Paykel External Filter removes the following impurities from your drinking water:


Overall, it provides better tasting and smelling water with improved clarity.

Changing the filter regularly in your ice/water refrigerator also reduces the buildup of scale in your ice-making mechanism thereby reducing the need for costly services.

The FPEXT Fisher & Paykel external cartridge is manufactured with NSF certified materials for your peace of mind.

How do I install my new filter?

Installing your new filter:

  • Grasp and firmly twist cartridge in an anticlockwise direction.
  • Pull the cartridge away from the filter head. (It is not unusual for a few drops of water to be present when the filter is removed)
  • Discard the old filter.
  • Remove protective cap on new filter.
  • Push the cartridge up towards filter head while rotating it in a clockwise direction.
  • Reset filter indicator icon on the display (this will remind you when your filter needs to be changed again)
  • Dispense  around 5 litres of water to flush the cartridge, removing trapped air and harmless carbon fines. 

Resetting the filter indicator:

  • Press and hold the "jug" and "right arrow" buttons for 4 seconds to reset the indicator

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