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What's special about fridge filters?

All fridge manufacturers source filtration to perform a few key functions for the fridges:
1. Sediment Reduction - e.g. - Dirt, sand & rust - keep your ice maker running
2. Chemical Reduction - e.g. - Chlorine & Organic compounds  - improve the taste
3. Cyst reduction  - some are rated below 1 micron - but not all
4. Scale inhibition - most ice makers have a defrost element which runs a defrost cycle.  If this gets scaled up, it won't work and you will be up for big $$.
We have many fridge filters in stock right now including:
Samsung Fridge Filters
Maytag Fridge Filters
Fisher and Paykel Fridge Filters
Jennair Fridge Filters
Aqua Pure Fridge Filters
Amana Fridge Filters
Westinghouse Fridge Filters
Everpure Fridge Filters
Daewoo Fridge Filters
Bosch Fridge Filters
LG Fridge Filters
Whirlpool Fridge Filters
GE Fridge Filters
Omega Fridge Filters
Upgrade Fridge Filters and many more.
We stock all popular models such as:UKF8001AXX, UKF7003AXX, DA29-00003B, WSF-100, BFFR, BFFRS, BFFRLG, 4396508, WFCB range and many more.
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