Why Filtered Water Beats Bottled Water

Bottled water companies use marketing techniques in order to advertise the health benefit of bottled water, however, is bottled water really better than filtered tap water?

Firstly, water bottles have a small portion of recyclable material, and consumers do not recycle plastic bottles as much as aluminium cans. These bottles help contribute to the masses of global pollution and excess waste. Conversely, by using filtered tap water you will reduce the environmental impacts that humans have on the earth. Additionally, when water bottles are left lying in the sun, in the car or at the park for example, toxins can be created which cause health risks for consumers. Also, it may not seem like much every time you buy a water bottle, but it does add up. In 2015, it was estimated that Australians spent $2 billion dollars on bottled water; alternatively, using a filtered water can save a fair amount of money, whilst also producing tasty, contaminant free water.

In the end, using a water filter instead of bottled water will not only save you a potentially thousands of dollars a year, but will also protect your health and the environment. To see a range of replacement fridge filters & drinking water filters, visit

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