4 Things to Look for When Buying a Water Filter for Your Home

1. Usage - Filters may look the same, but the maximum number of litres that is produced from the filter varies from system to system.

2. Compound Removal – read the label – is it taking out what you want or call your supplier for advice

3. Cost and Frequency of Replacement Filters - No matter what filter you get, it’ll have to be replaced at some point. For example, the Samsung Fridge Filter - DA29-00003G-2 found on Fridge Filters Australia recommends for a change of filter every 6 months to preventing bad taste and ensuring clean water. To save money, you may consider purchasing bulk water filters, here is a link to buy bulk filters in relation to the filter mentioned above:

4. Waste - This is important for homeowners, who pay for their water usage. As a general rule, reverse osmosis filters produce water waste, whilst inline water filters do not. An example of an inline filter is the GILF1025 Generic Inline Fridge Filter found here:

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