Many lifestyle factors can contribute to improving immunity, however many people miss out as they are unaware of the benefits.

·      Water

This is the single most important substance for your body, it helps your cells communicate with the healing messages, it helps maintain hydration and energy levels and overall increases immunity through assisting organs in their operation. It is ideal to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water, and also recommended to use filtered water, as there are no dangerous toxins or chemicals. Domestic filters or fridge filters can be easily purchased from

·      Whole Food Diet

Try to eat food that is found in nature as close to original form as possible (i.e. unprocessed foods). Not only does whole food diets include all of the vitamins and minerals we need from natural sources, but it also increases immunity in the process.

·      Greens

Raw green leafy foods are the one type of foods that scientifically have direct links with increased longevity, and also help bring acid pH to alkaline pH. Being loaded with phytonutrient protection, antioxidants, natural minerals like calcium and magnesium, these leafy greens will positively benefit your life and increase immunity.

·      Vegetable Juice

Raw vegetable juice is the most bio-available whole source of nutrients, and will give the best immunity boost, not only due to it’s raw nature, but has concentrated nutrients. 

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