We all know hydration is good for us, but do you really know how proper hydration can affect the brain and a student’s education?

Studies have shown that proper hydration can lead to an increase of brain function of up to 14%, dehydration causes brain cells to lose efficiency and individuals have trouble staying focused and completing tasks. Dehydration can also impair short-term memory function and the recall of long-term memory, which is not ideal in a school environment.

Therefore, we could assume that in order for students to maximise learning capacity, they must stay hydrated, allowing them to focus and complete tasks more efficiently. Just think, those hot sweaty days, or even those cold dry days, kids are sitting in classrooms with information going in one ear, and out the other, simply because of a lack of hydration.

‘How can we encourage our kids to drink more water?’ Good question! Below are a few strategies to assist you in helping your kids drink more water a boost brain performance:

- Create a fruity water taste by putting fruits such as raspberries, strawberries or squeezing lemon juice in the water

- Draw timed goals on the water bottle for your child to achieve (e.g. drawing a line halfway down a 2 L bottle and writing ‘10am’ next to it)

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