Showering is an activity that millions of people around the world enjoy as part of their daily routine. It is the fastest and most effective way to keep yourself clean, and whether it’s after getting home from a long day or helping you wake from your sleep in the morning, a shower is relaxing and refreshing. Are you aware though that the water you are showering in could be having a negative effect on your health?

There are many chemicals and contaminants that could be present in your household water, including chlorine. Chlorine is a strong oxidising agent, which led to the development of commercial bleaches and disinfectants and is used as a common disinfectant in swimming pools to keep them clean and sanitary. In large doses, chlorine has been known to have severe effects on the human body, and although it is uncommon that the chemical is used in high concentration, even a small amount of chlorine can still attack our respiratory systems, eyes, and skin.

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